Kim – Soul Story

Kim has an exciting Soul Story to share. Kim was placed in our partners Shelter in Place/Emergency Housing program during the COVID-19 crisis. One day, she went out for cigarettes and her mask broke. So she went to the Dollar Store with just $3 and bought a bandana, hair bands and a sewing kit. The next day, she went back out and was asked about her mask, she told the lady she made it and the lady asked her to make some for her family. Long story short, the lady told her sorority sisters about Kim’s story and they all ordered masks from her. With that simple gesture from the lady to HELP, Kim started selling 20-30 masks per day at $5. Instantly an Entrepreneur and making her own money, her HOPE was restored. Kim is now in her own apartment provided by a housing program, and was able to purchase her own furniture, towels, sheets, housewares and a smart tv…as she sits on her own couch, her Heart is allowed to HEAL