Mario – Soul Story

Mario at 11 years old was making $100 per day not by selling drugs, shoplifting or stealing but by selling water on the exit ramp. What was he using the money for? What did he need the money for? Mario was providing income for his family of four.

Kim – Soul Story

Kim has an exciting Soul Story to share. Kim was placed in our partners Shelter in Place/Emergency Housing program during the COVID-19 crisis. One day, she went out for cigarettes and her mask broke. So she went to the Dollar Store with just $3 and bought a bandana, hair bands and a sewing kit.

Clarissa – Soul Story

Clarissa has been under our H3 Watch Care for the past few months. When she first came to know our ministry she was very reserved and quiet. After receiving shelter from our partner program, and fed each day, she was able to get some peace and rest.